Trinity: The Shatter Effect was a first-person shooter for PC that incorporated time dialation (which was still a relativly new mechanic back then), allowing players extraordinary movement options such as cartwheeling away from bullets and firing while upside down with dual wielded weapons akimbo. It was high action with a story that led the character through many iconic settings from the deep south of Louisiana. My particular role was to redesign portions of the Swamp levels, and a sinister hospital with a secret underground facility. All the level were created in Radiant, based on sourcecode from Quake III and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Trinity (Cancelled)

Trinity - Developed by Gray Matter Studios
Trinity's "Riverside Hospital Morgue" level.

In the screenshots below you will see glimpses of Riverside Hospital 1 (the abandoned hospital), Riverside Hospital 2 (the underground facility), and Swamp... which looks like a swamp.

Trinity was the first game I worked on as an industry professional at Gray Matter Studios. This shooter was ahead of it's time and could have gone toe-to-toe with Monolith's soon to be released "F.E.A.R." title, but sadly, marketing didn't quite know how to sell this title, and Activision (who owned Gray Matter by that time) had bigger plans for our little studio. Those plans would change the world of games forever.