In my free time I created a short "episode" of a day in the life of our two favorie protagonists Dom and Marcus. At some point inthe future I will have either video or plenty of screenshots of this 15-minute mission, but they'll have to wait for another time. However, you can check out the alpha version of the level via the download link at the bottom of the page, if you're feeling brave.

Gears of War (PC)

Gears of War - Published by Microsoft, Developed by Epic Games
The O.G. - Original Game.

Note: This is a single-player only mission, not supported by Microsoft or Epic Games, and in its alpha state may still have a few bugs.

DESCRIPTION: This is a single-player level for Gears of War. To play this level you must have Gears of War installed on your PC. Extract the ZIP file contents to the Gears of War CustomMaps folder:
(My Documents/My Games/Gears of War for Windows/WarGame/Published/CookedPC/Maps), and run the level via console command: "open sp_bnd_p". This level is only compatible with the single-player campaign mode in Gears of War, but may potentially not function while running other modifications or co-op.

You can also check out the Downloads page for more free levels and maps for other games. If you give it a try, send me an e-mail and let me know what you think!