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AAA Game Designer // Artist // Indie Developer

// Portfolio

Whether it's a first-person shooter, a third-person platformer, or a unique adventure game with motion controls, I have the experience and the talent necessary to create and deliver amazing experiences. As you can see from the list of titles below, there's no IP or genre that I can't wrap my head around when it comes to designing memorable gaming moments. Narrative design, combat design, puzzle design, character design, game design, scripting / programming, textures / shaders / materials / animation - even audio production and voice acting - I have an established track record of helping teams develop award-winning content, on a wide variety of platforms. Below you will find all of the major releases that I am credited on and have worked on and contributed to over the many years that I have worked in the gaming industry.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider [2018]

// Shadow of the Tomb Raider [2018]

  • Senior Designer on the Combat Team at Crystal Dynamics
  • Designed several combat sequences for Mexican Village and Cenotes levels
  • Additional scripting, environment art, collisions, lighting, streaming/optimization, and collectibles
  • Implemented Combat and Traversal Tutorial systems throughout the game to interactively educate players on new mechanics
Rise of the Tomb Raider [2015]

// Rise of the Tomb Raider [2016]

  • Senior Designer on the Combat Team at Crystal Dynamics
  • Designed combat sequences for Abandoned Mines, Silent Night, Flooded Archives, and Fight for the Atlas
  • Additional block out/gray box, scripting, environment art, lighting, collisions, collectibles, and streaming/optimization
  • Developed a 'pacifist' gameplay approach for players using stealth to sneak past enemies without killing them
  • Designed combat sequences for the "Baba Yaga" DLC

// Dungeon Defenders II [2014]

  • Level Design (Contract) at Trendy Entertainment
  • Developed several prototype maps and game modes to expand content variety
  • Contributed to documentation for best practices, development pipeline, and design workflows
  • Image is of a level in pre-production

// Sorcery [PS3 Move] [2011]

  • Senior Designer on multiple titles [Sorcery, PWND] at The Workshop Entertainment LLC
  • Helped develop and adapt spell mechanics for motion controller (PS3 Move)
  • Designed many of the puzzles, combat encounters, and boss battles throughout the game
  • Built several prototype levels for establishing metrics and gameplay mechanics for PWND

// F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin [2008]

  • Level Designer + Scripter at Monolith Productions
  • Crafted combat encounters for multiple levels
  • Responsible for scripting and tuning of turret battles (gameplay feel, logic, etc.)
  • Pointman for story missions "Keegan" and "Approach"

// Call of Duty 3 [2006]

  • Level Designer at Treyarch
  • Point person responsible for "Mayenne Bridge" mission on multiple SKUs [PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube]
  • Level design and environment art on several multiplayer levels
  • Lighting design for both single-player and multiplayer levels
  • Script support, collisions, streaming and optimization for consoles

// Call of Duty 2: Big Red One [2005]

  • Level Designer at Treyarch
  • Responsible for levels "Kasserine" and "MP_Kasserine" on multiple SKUs [PS2, Xbox, Gamecube]
  • Combat scripting for "Troina" mission
  • Additional support for collisions, streaming, and optimization
  • Environment art support for several levels

// Call of Duty: United Offensive [2004]

  • Junior Level Designer at Gray Matter Studios
  • Responsible for Russian Campaign levels including "Kursk," "Kharkov1," "Kharkov2," and "MP_Kharkov"
  • Environment art, collisions, and optimizations for minimum-spec PCs
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// Projects

When I'm not hard at work with a team on the next blockbuster title, I can often be found at my work desk at home, tinkering with new ideas, new blends of game genres, new game engines, and new development techniques. While there are countless unfinished projects, a few special prototypes are undergoing constant iteration with the expectation that they may become the next big indie game sensation.

// Star Raider Squadron [PC, Console]

Star Raider Squadron is a passion project that has been in the works for a very long time. The game is a love letter to the arcades of the 90's, and specifically the great shooters of the time like 1943, Raiden, U.N. Squadron, and more. It features RPG-lite elements including equipment and loot, customizable ships, and THOUSANDS of potential weapon combinations thanks to a robust gear generator. An official website for the project will be coming shortly, so stay tuned!

Star Raider Squadron [PC, Console]

// Project Winter [Android, UE4]

Project Winter is a top-down, 3D stealth-adventure game for Android devices. Players touch squares to move their character in a virtual world of cyber espionage as they avoid being detected by sentinels and collect valuable cipher keys. This project is currently on hiatus while working on other personal and commercial endeavors, but shows some real promise.

Project Winter [Android, UE4]

// Project Air [Web-based HTML5]

Project Air is an endless shooter prototype that can play in most browsers that support JAVA. The game features a unique upgrade system where upgrade slots can be purchased and slotted with an array of global perks such as speed, health regeneration, and a selection of weapons including machine guns, lasers, and missiles. While this prototype does not function on mobile, you can play for free through your browser of choice on PC and Mac by clicking here.

Project Air [Web-based HTML5]
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// Download

You can find all of the digital media and games that I've created over the last two decades here, available for download for your PC. While some projects may not be available publicly, you can request additional files, materials, and details via the Contact form below this section.

// Quake III Arena Map Collection [PC/Mac/Linux] DOWNLOAD

This collection includes multiplayer maps I created from 1998 to 2004. These levels have earned several community awards, including "Level of the Week" by PlanetQuake "Clan Map of the Decade" by .:LvL. The pack also includes:

  • Eight Multiplayer Levels, including two CTF and six more maps supporting multiple game types.
  • Custom sounds, textures, and a special remake of "Evil Gemini CTF" by Sock.
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// About NIM

NIM Crest: No Gods or Kings, We Are Machines

I am an independent developer, designer, and devotee to video games and the artform of fun. I am an avid supporter of several charities like Amnesty International that focus on healthcare for all, equal rights, environmental justice, and I contribute in various ways to educational initiatives like Girls Who Code. I also spend a lot of energy following various organizations involved in mental health studies and research pertaining to autism - I am autistic - and I'm all in as an advocate for neurodiversity. When I'm in the right environment I can often be counted on as the point of view most people don't see coming. I'm able to make lots of connections and develop lots of insights that others normally wouldn't. And on top of it all, I love to coach and mentor the newcomers in our industry - as well as learn some of the fancy new development tools and tricks that have evolved over the years - both in my profession and in the various gaming communities of which I am a part, but especially indie developers.

In the past I made a reputation for myself as a community map maker and level designer, releasing a new map every two to three months. Quake II and Quake III Arena got me hooked on game design, releasing nearly a dozen multiplayer maps and mods in total for the franchise. I then branched out into Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, but not before landing my first professional gig as a level designer for the amazing Gray Matter Studios (Redneck Rampage, Kingpin, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, etc.) to work on the first expansion of the legendary first Call of Duty. I have also been the founder and front-person of Lake's Digital Arts - a small website and studio focused on digital entertainment and thoughtful, provocative artwork within digital mediums. For more information about my game credits and other industry achievements, please see the Portfolio section. If you are interested in learning more about my independent game development and side projects, check out the Projects and Download sections. For all other inquiries, please use the Contact form at the bottom of the page. I sincerely hope your visit leaves you feeling welcomed and inspired!

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// Contact

Want to get in touch with me? Whether you're from the media, a client / contractor / employer, or just a curious cat, you can contact with me using the form below. I will usually respond within 48 hours, eager to answer your questions, and to thank you for reaching out!

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